Monday, September 27, 2010

Moustache Monday


Two of my favourite things together:
cats and moustaches.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apples Everywhere!

It was silent in the garden,
and then suddenly:
a sound combining plop and bonk
when yet another apple
fell from the tree.

Friday, September 10, 2010

An Empty House

Sometimes it's nice to be home alone.
Especially, if it isn't your home.
Today I'm wandering around
my parent's house
and spotting details.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Style Alphabet

I was tagged by Miss Piparminttu to write down my personal style alphabet. The original challenge didn't say anything about pictures, but I chose to add them just because. All pictures by me, and most of them even somehow related ;)

I would like to see Amanda, Allie, Jemina, Anna and Norsis to do this. Anyone else can too, if they just want to. Feel free to use the language easiest for you and not to stress about the pics.

A is for Accessories.
Honestly, I'm an addict.

B is for Buttons.
Fancy ones are my favourite way to brighten up a dull cardigan.

C is for Colour.
Wearing a colourful outfit makes me feel happier.

D is for DIY.
Because I love any kind of crafting.

E is for Earrings.
I prefer big, fancy, quirky ones.

F is for frocks.
I love them.

G is for Glitter.
I secretly love it.

H is for Hem.
I prefer the knee-length.

I is for Imagination.
That endless source of style inspiration.

J is for Joy.
I believe style is supposed to be fun.

K is for Knitwear.
I wouldn't survive the winter without it.

L is for Layers.
Easy and stylish.

M is for Menswear.
I buy most of my jumpers and t-shirts from the mens department.

N is for Nail Polish.
An easy way to add color to any outfit.

O is for Over the Knee.
When I was in upper secondary school,
I wore mostly skirts with long,
colorful socks.
I wanna reinvent that style this fall.

P is for Pink.
My favourite hair colour ever.

Q is for Quirky.
If I had to explain my style in one word, this would be it.

R is for Rainbow.
The perfect colour combination.

S is for Stripes.
My favourite pattern.

T is for Tulle.
I wish I could wear a tutu in daily life.

U is for Used.
I buy most of my clothes second hand.

V is for Violet.
My latest colour crush.

W is for Wellies.
They're so practical in our climate.

X is for XL.
As it's my size, and I'm sick and tired of being ashamed of it.

Y is for Yellow.
One of the biggest style tragedies
of my life is that yellow doesn't look good on me.
Luckily I can still use it in accessories.

Z is for ZZZZ.
Sleeping well and enough makes anybody more beautiful.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Ride

We took a ride yesterday,
having a car gives all kinds of new opportunities
to spend weekends. Originally
we were planning to go for a picnic,
but is was grey and rainy...

... so we drove to the cutest little café
near Ruissalo.
I love that little red wooden house
with the lovely granny-style
decoration. And...

...they had the biggest donuts ever!
I'm so sad the café is so far away.
Otherwise I would visit all the time.

Moustache Monday

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Just Fell in Love...

... with Timothy Karpinski's artwork.

If I was a cat, I'd get down like that

Our book is thick, I skipped chapters

Meet me up there

Sleeping Heart

Honest-tea for you and me