Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Window Shopping

If you have some extra money,
I can help you sped it at Urban Outfitters
(all pictures from their European webpage).
I also wish we had a store here in Finland,
cause window shopping gets even better
if you can touch things.
(Not sure though if it's then called window shopping anymore.)

Letter Shade

Polaroid Notes

Street Cleaner Vacuum

Tea Sub

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot, Hotter, Super Hot

Things I miss at the moment:
- winter
- hair conditioner
- ice cream
- (the) boyfriend
- shower

Read between the lines:
I've been at a summer cottage with my family for few days now. It's boiling hot, so I think about snowflakes and ice a lot. Our water pump is broken, so I've been washing my hair in a lake lately. And ice cream, well is there someone who doesn't miss ice cream all summer time?

Friday, July 9, 2010

What a lovely way to start a day

I found these in my inbox first thing this morning.
Aren't they awesome?
And yes, this cat can recognize herself very well...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Catty

There was a medieval fair in my city this weekend, and I visited it twice. Yesterday we spent half of the sunny, hot day in the crowd browsing through the booths, eating medieval-inspired food and looking at the actors performing little episodes. And when I came home, I had a this grey sympathetic cat in my bag.

You see, I fell in love with it's quirky smile, subtle presence and those whiskers. I'm kinda sure the cat inside me looks a lot like this one. My sister-in-law-to-be laughed when I carried it around "like a baby". Now it lives in my bed and I crab it's tail whenever I have nightmares. Have had quite many lately, so I wish this little catty being is good at watching my sleep.

This other cat is a present from my boyfriend. It's from the fair too, he gave it to me yesterday. I changed the chain to it (there was originally a black string), as I found the necklace cuter that way. Anyhow, I love it. And I have quite a few catty craft projects in mind at the moment, so if you wanna see them, make sure to check out the craft blog frequently.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I swam like a fish

I've lately, well - for the last 19 days, been doing Janel's 30 day journal challenge. (Click the button above to learn more!) It's kinda part of the challenge to share your pages, in a blog or flickr, but so far I haven't done that. Because 1) Most of my pages are ugly and 2) They are way too personal. I've enjoyed the challenge a lot and tried to make the most of it on the personal level. So I decided I'm doing it for myself and myself only, and therefore not going to share. But today I wanna show you one page, my day 15. This is a special occasion.

Why? Because I swam in the sea today! First time for years actually. And I loved it. Working on the other goals too. Like the write write write -part, 5 pages of progress this week. Also going to go to the family visit next weekend, so that's almost done. Next: laughing in the library. What, something wrong with that? Don't worry, the little librarian in me does know not to laugh too loudly.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feeling Sentimental

This morning I opened the Marmite sandwich case that has waited on my desk since I unpacked my bags last Christmas. There isn't anything valuable inside, but for me those little thing are precious. Because of the memories they hold.

Inside there's a chestnut I picked on my first day to work in London, and an acorn I took with me on the second day. A quirky bottle cap I found during my lunch break from that little park-like area behind the cafeteria. Various pebbles I picked for various reasons during those three months in that city. A piece of glass from a broken bottle from the bus stop I saved just because it looked so beautiful in the car lights. And lots of seashells from Brighton beach. Bigger ones, and then small pieces that look more like pebbles than seashells, as they are smoothed and eaten by the sea. I remember how my boyfriend laughed when I had my pockets full of them. I remember the wind in my hair and the salty splashes on my face. Those little things still smell like the sea and when I hold them in my hand I remember that precious day in that little funky town with the boy I love. It was probably one of the best days during my time in the UK. And after that memory come all the other ones, and I can't push them back to where they came from. I feel happy and sad at the same time when I remember things. And I don't want to close that little sandwich case anytime soon, because those pebbles in my hand have a meaning.

The same thing happens when I open the conditioner bottle in the shower and that smell of hops takes me back to the crappy bathroom with a smelly carpet and a cold bath tub under my feet. Or the taste of cherry coke, that reminds me of that long sunny Saturday when I got lost between Govent Garden and Leicester Square and walked for ages until I found a place I recognized. It might have been one of the best adventures I had in London, getting lost in the middle of the city on an average day.

I miss those times. I miss that city.
I wanna go back even though I know it wouldn't be the same for me anymore.