Friday, July 2, 2010

I swam like a fish

I've lately, well - for the last 19 days, been doing Janel's 30 day journal challenge. (Click the button above to learn more!) It's kinda part of the challenge to share your pages, in a blog or flickr, but so far I haven't done that. Because 1) Most of my pages are ugly and 2) They are way too personal. I've enjoyed the challenge a lot and tried to make the most of it on the personal level. So I decided I'm doing it for myself and myself only, and therefore not going to share. But today I wanna show you one page, my day 15. This is a special occasion.

Why? Because I swam in the sea today! First time for years actually. And I loved it. Working on the other goals too. Like the write write write -part, 5 pages of progress this week. Also going to go to the family visit next weekend, so that's almost done. Next: laughing in the library. What, something wrong with that? Don't worry, the little librarian in me does know not to laugh too loudly.

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Maija said...

Publishing the journal pages has made the doodling a lot more difficult for me, as I try to take good care of not being overly personal about my business. And while putting up ugly doodles is seriously outside my comfort zone (I hate sucking in public), I've come to terms with the fact that it's not a competition and the aim is not to be artsy and skilled but to express yourself... or something. But I loved seeing this page. <3