Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feels Like Sunday

Sweet Melodies

There are some people who are able to sing me happy. Terhi Kokkonen from Scandinavian Music Group is definitely one of them. I went to their concert last night, and it was adorable. They may not have the most entertaining stage show, but they don't need one. That concert was just about standing in the crowd and listening those beautiful songs sang so wonderfully. And singing yourself. You know, I love singing. I also am just terrible at it. Therefore I love going concerts like this, where everyone sings along on the top of their lungs, and you are just one voice in the choir. No-one hears you, and cares even less whether or not you sing right or wrong. The feeling sets me free and makes me so happy.

I wanted to share one of their songs I especially love. So please listen the song Tahdon uudet silm├Ąt (I want new eyes). Under you can find half-assed translation of the lyrics in case you are not a Finnish speaker. (In case you are, please don't read them as they are no good.)

Scandinavian Music Group - I want new eyes

I want new eyes
so I could see further
over the garden to the mountains
and through them

I want new voice
so I could tell
that in the morning I heard a hummingbird too

Let's go swimming to the east side of the rocks
I'm neither afraid of the tide nor the strangers anymore
When the sea falls back, algae dries out grey
If someone picks it up, it turns into dust

I want new voice
So I could tell
That I want new eyes
That I want to learn to know
What you did try to say
I already see a lot further

I'm neither afraid of the tide nor the strangers
I heard a hummingbird and cried because of you

Let's go swimming to the east side of the rocks
I'm neither afraid of the tide nor the strangers anymore
When the sea falls back, algae dries out grey
If someone picks it up, it turns into dust

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone should have a right to choose their own style

On Monday, on the street, I passed a girl with two tiny dogs. It was freezing cold, and those little animals had been dressed in overalls. With hoods. I've never seen a dog with a hood before. Anyway, first one started to bark at me. The girl snapped at the dog, and it went quiet, but was still looking at me.

If I only could speak dog, I would have said to it:
"What are you staring at? I know my hair is pink, but you don't have anything to say as you are dressed in a pink overall. With a hood. And yes, it looks stupid."

Later on I thought it again. Maybe the dog was barking cause it thought it saw a friend. After all, we were wearing the same color. But when I told my theory to my boyfriend, he said dogs can't see colors. I was quite shocked of the fact, cause a life without colors would be something absolutely terrible for me. It also means that little creature was wearing a pink hood and didn't know it was pink. How cruel is that? The fact a dog can't see c0lors doesn't mean it wouldn't have a sense of style. And what if this one was more like a goth inside?

Friday, January 29, 2010


I don't have energy to do anything special tonight.

These could have been from my pen

One of my favorite sites at the moment is Letters to Crushes. Sweet, nameless letters from people around the world. Mostly ones that never got sent to the right recipient. About things we don't dare to say to our crushes. But I'm happy these letters got sent even in the Internet. Reading them often takes my breath away. And makes me hopeful. There sure is love in the world.

--- --- ---

January 25

cookie boy,

you’re crazy.

… i like you.

— punk girl

--- --- ---

January 8


It seems wrong, writing feelings on a page. Can’t I just kiss you?

— Yours

--- --- ---

January 2


it’s freezing cold. i just want you to hold me.

— betty

--- --- ---

December 26

for the one and only,

you’re weird. i’m weird. i’m kind of hoping you’ll accept this mutual weirdness and call it love.

— you’ll figure it out


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can you see it?

Yes, I know.
I don't need glasses.

But the sexy librarian inside me
certainly does.


{via To Do}

Still Pretty in Pink

- You smell like garlic.
- Like I would come and tell how you smell like!
- How do I smell like then?
*sniffing for 10 seconds or so*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just like my life. Of course, I'm the cat in here...

If you give a cat a cupcake, he'll ask for some sprinkles to go with it.
When you give him the sprinkles, he might spill some on the floor.
Cleaning up will make him hot, so you'll give him a bathing suit . . .
and that's just the beginning!
{text and pic both via BookNook}

Sweet Wednesday Afternoon

{Crumbs and Doilies}

It started in the morning with this picture in Miss Hobbit's blog.
Huge craving for cupcakes.
I had to see more, so I browsed through all the Crumbs and Doilies' pics. And then I did some googling. Oh my, how beautiful cupcakes there are in the world! I found so many so genius ideas that a cupcake top 10 feels a must. Some day soon, I promise. But right now, my graving led to some therapy baking (after writing a report I didn't want to do...) and chocolate chip-raspberry-cupcakes. Haven't had a bite yet, but they smell just wonderful.

Wednesday's Wish

{via To Do:}

I wish people would pay me
for the things I enjoy doing
so I never had to get a real job.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Tuesday Afternoon

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love is... have someone who reads all the notes
you write when going out.

Happines Can Be Simple Sometimes

I just came home from babysitting. This family has a big, beautiful house I enjoy spending time at, and the kids are nice even when they're awake. But my favourite still is the moment when they're already asleep and I'm just waiting for the parents to come home. Three little girls and an orange cat breathing peacefully upstairs, and for two hours I sat in the kitchen reading a newspaper and making bracelets from red buttons.

It was also nice to walk home between the little wooden houses, under a starry sky. I love when it's clear and cold, cause it makes it possible to see the stars from here, even though I live only two kilometers from the city center. And a simple pleasure for bitterly cold winter nights is to slip your hands in warm mittens that have been waiting on the radiator. One of the things that made me ridiculously happy today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good ways to love me

- Making me a sandwich when I don't expect it
- Leaving a box of sparkles on the table when you leave for work
- Adoring my little oddities (like collecting rocks)
- Complimenting my hair with "I love it, it makes you look like a manga character"
- Tasting like sweeties when you kiss me
- Letting me take a nap in your arms
- Encouraging my creativity
- Playing our song once in a while with high volume so neighbors can hear it too
- Smiling a lot
- Letting me steal your jumpers when my own clothes don't look good with my new hair color, and not being angry at all when I forget to return them to the closet (I wish you read this one before I come home this evening wearing your jumper...)

Pretty in Pink

Yesterday I did something that may be the smallest of things for you, but was kinda big deal for me. I dyed my hair. (Well, to be exact, my friend did dye my hair, but anyway...) It's the first time I've done it, and I know I may end up regretting it in couple of days cause the color I chose isn't the most usual one. But I've wanted to do this for such a long time, so I'm happy I finally did.

I made only one New Year's resolution this year - 2010 is gonna be a year for trying new things and finishing old plans I've never dared to try before. And so far I've done well. This even made my mum say "Oh my God, that was stupid, did you really had to do that?" just as I knew it would.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In These Days

Yesterday my favourites were round or oval:
fruits in the grocery store
bouncing balls
delicious vege patties
and potatoes my friend joggled with while I was cooking.

Today has been a day of new things:
a new pair of mittens finally done
a new lecturer at school
a new haircut (with a comeback of my old fringe)
a new photographing course starting in an hour
and some new confusion because of the behavior of a friend.

Tomorrow hopefully includes:
a bright new day
a visit
a relaxing start for the weekend
a plan finally put into action
and delicious smell of home-baked bread.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday's Wish

I wish I wouldn't have
to cook today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tigers Love Cinnamon

That one lady saying sugar makes people happier was just right. At least it helped a bit with all the anxiety. I wasn't able to finish my comfort cinnamon roll though, but still feel better. Well, the talking may have had something to do with it too.

PS. My day one with the colorful stockings challenge. Green skirt and green&black-striped stockings. Quite easy though, but these were the only thick and warm ones of my color collection, and it was -7 Celsius in the morning.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh my Wardrobe

I rearranged my wardrobe today. A mission I would have never been able to accomplish without some sacrifices. But I was surprised how easy it was to fill two huge garbage bags without any pain. Mostly with clothes that don't fit me anymore, or ones I use so seldom I had forgotten they live in my closet. I had no idea I have so many. And I would like to know where they all came from, cause when I put back the ones I really wanna keep, the closet was full again. And somewhere there, just a couple of hours earlier, were hiding all those ones that now wait for the removal to the attic. No wonder there are so many clothes wandering around in this apartment it sometimes feels like living in a wardrobe of 52 square meters.

And I have to say I was a bit worried when I realized how many clothes we really have. Cause last time I did this a year ago. I removed two garbage bags full of stuff and have been up to the attic only once to get some of those. (I also took one garbage bag of my boyfriend's clothes back then, and he hasn't even noticed they're missing.) So, have I been shopping that much during a year without even noticing it? I have to be a hardworking consumer then, and that's not a thing I can be proud of. Even though I mostly buy second hand, I don't really need all those clothes I bring home. And, clothes even aren't the thing I mostly buy. I'm more a jewelry type of a girl, and if I had to rearrange my necklace stand there would be hardly three items I could give to someone else.

So I now officially announce I don't need any new clothes for a while. At the moment I don't even want any, but I know that graving for something new will be back soon. But NO, I won't buy anything until the first of May. And after that only things I really need, like some summer dresses as most of my clothes at the moment are only suitable for winter. If I really really want something, it will be okay to sew it myself. Cause I know it has to be a huge graving if I switch on the sewing machine because of that. Then it may be worth it.

You know, the most surprising thing was I've got approximately 40 pairs of stockings. In 17 different colors. How is that possible, when every time I'm planning to wear a skirt it seems to be impossible to find a pair without any holes or runs? And I seem to buy a lot of colorful ones I never use. I guess I have to start a project and try to wear a colorful pair every time I leave the house in a skirt for the next couple of weeks or so. But before starting that I have to sew myself a plain black skirt. Cause even I can tell it's not the best option to mix and match orange tights with an electric blue terylene skirt with red flowers and white circles in it.


In our series of must-have moustache items:
The Complete Ukulele Guide to the Moustaches of the World

"This Complete Guide features complete coverage of the 25 major moustache groups, enabling you to instantly identify any moustache you spot without even putting down your ukulele.

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- Xylocopa

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top 10, again

Things that would make my daily life funnier:

Embroidery kit with the text
"What man doesn't remember, that didn't happen"

...but when I think it closely
I actually need nothing.