Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happines Can Be Simple Sometimes

I just came home from babysitting. This family has a big, beautiful house I enjoy spending time at, and the kids are nice even when they're awake. But my favourite still is the moment when they're already asleep and I'm just waiting for the parents to come home. Three little girls and an orange cat breathing peacefully upstairs, and for two hours I sat in the kitchen reading a newspaper and making bracelets from red buttons.

It was also nice to walk home between the little wooden houses, under a starry sky. I love when it's clear and cold, cause it makes it possible to see the stars from here, even though I live only two kilometers from the city center. And a simple pleasure for bitterly cold winter nights is to slip your hands in warm mittens that have been waiting on the radiator. One of the things that made me ridiculously happy today.

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