Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good ways to love me

- Making me a sandwich when I don't expect it
- Leaving a box of sparkles on the table when you leave for work
- Adoring my little oddities (like collecting rocks)
- Complimenting my hair with "I love it, it makes you look like a manga character"
- Tasting like sweeties when you kiss me
- Letting me take a nap in your arms
- Encouraging my creativity
- Playing our song once in a while with high volume so neighbors can hear it too
- Smiling a lot
- Letting me steal your jumpers when my own clothes don't look good with my new hair color, and not being angry at all when I forget to return them to the closet (I wish you read this one before I come home this evening wearing your jumper...)


Rose Red said...

"Tasting like sweeties when you kiss me," that's my favorite.

I just got your lovely package. It went on a rather long journey! Thank you so much! I loved how each item had a little note. Your jewelry is fabulous! The bunny pin is my favorite. I hope your holidays were wonderful.



Inari said...

Oh, I was afraid it got lost somewhere, so nice to hear you really got it! And nice to hear you liked the items, cause I had fun making them <3