Saturday, January 30, 2010

Everyone should have a right to choose their own style

On Monday, on the street, I passed a girl with two tiny dogs. It was freezing cold, and those little animals had been dressed in overalls. With hoods. I've never seen a dog with a hood before. Anyway, first one started to bark at me. The girl snapped at the dog, and it went quiet, but was still looking at me.

If I only could speak dog, I would have said to it:
"What are you staring at? I know my hair is pink, but you don't have anything to say as you are dressed in a pink overall. With a hood. And yes, it looks stupid."

Later on I thought it again. Maybe the dog was barking cause it thought it saw a friend. After all, we were wearing the same color. But when I told my theory to my boyfriend, he said dogs can't see colors. I was quite shocked of the fact, cause a life without colors would be something absolutely terrible for me. It also means that little creature was wearing a pink hood and didn't know it was pink. How cruel is that? The fact a dog can't see c0lors doesn't mean it wouldn't have a sense of style. And what if this one was more like a goth inside?


Maija said...

I'm sure the dog was barking because it doesn't like cats.

Inari said...

So you think it saw the true me? I wasn't wearing the cat hat though.

Maija said...

Dogs always see the true you. And I love the picture with the teacup. <3

visuaalisesti vaativa kottarainen said...

Aaaaaaaaa! *kuolen nauruun* Koko hommalle!

Inari said...

Maija: I love it too <3

Kottarainen: Herttinen sentään, koirien tyylioikeusrikkomukset eivät ole mikään naurun asia :D