Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh my Wardrobe

I rearranged my wardrobe today. A mission I would have never been able to accomplish without some sacrifices. But I was surprised how easy it was to fill two huge garbage bags without any pain. Mostly with clothes that don't fit me anymore, or ones I use so seldom I had forgotten they live in my closet. I had no idea I have so many. And I would like to know where they all came from, cause when I put back the ones I really wanna keep, the closet was full again. And somewhere there, just a couple of hours earlier, were hiding all those ones that now wait for the removal to the attic. No wonder there are so many clothes wandering around in this apartment it sometimes feels like living in a wardrobe of 52 square meters.

And I have to say I was a bit worried when I realized how many clothes we really have. Cause last time I did this a year ago. I removed two garbage bags full of stuff and have been up to the attic only once to get some of those. (I also took one garbage bag of my boyfriend's clothes back then, and he hasn't even noticed they're missing.) So, have I been shopping that much during a year without even noticing it? I have to be a hardworking consumer then, and that's not a thing I can be proud of. Even though I mostly buy second hand, I don't really need all those clothes I bring home. And, clothes even aren't the thing I mostly buy. I'm more a jewelry type of a girl, and if I had to rearrange my necklace stand there would be hardly three items I could give to someone else.

So I now officially announce I don't need any new clothes for a while. At the moment I don't even want any, but I know that graving for something new will be back soon. But NO, I won't buy anything until the first of May. And after that only things I really need, like some summer dresses as most of my clothes at the moment are only suitable for winter. If I really really want something, it will be okay to sew it myself. Cause I know it has to be a huge graving if I switch on the sewing machine because of that. Then it may be worth it.

You know, the most surprising thing was I've got approximately 40 pairs of stockings. In 17 different colors. How is that possible, when every time I'm planning to wear a skirt it seems to be impossible to find a pair without any holes or runs? And I seem to buy a lot of colorful ones I never use. I guess I have to start a project and try to wear a colorful pair every time I leave the house in a skirt for the next couple of weeks or so. But before starting that I have to sew myself a plain black skirt. Cause even I can tell it's not the best option to mix and match orange tights with an electric blue terylene skirt with red flowers and white circles in it.

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