Friday, November 13, 2009

Another Rainy Day in London

Another rainy day a long ago.

It rains a lot in here. Well, not as much as I thought it would ("Everybody always thinks it rains all the time in London. They are so wrong! This isn't bloody Ireland, for gods sake") but still a bit too much for me. For a girl who is always in bad mood when her toes are wet, almost any amount of rain is too much.

A rainy day means...
Waking up on the sound of rain and feeling extra tired because you know you have to go out soon.
Terrible traffic (even more terrible than usual) when people use their cars instead of buses.
Getting late because of the terrible traffic.
But you don't have to hurry that much, cause you're gonna be late anyway.
The smell of damp wool.
Various colors of umbrellas.
A good reason to use wellies.
Steamy windows you can't see through.
Jumping in the puddles (yes, I really love that).
Bad-tempered and sighing people all around.
An extra effort needed if you wanna stay in good mood.

But that's what I'm gonna do today. To be in good mood.
Cause I'm gonna get a visitor this evening and even thinking about that makes me smile.

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