Friday, November 27, 2009

Disgustingly happy

- Good morning!
- Good morning, dear, how are you today?
- Oh, I'm fine. Very very fine.
- ...?
- My boyfriend is coming to London tonight and I'm exited.
- Well, that's a good reason to be exited.
- I think so too.
- You know, dear...he's a very lucky man. A very, very lucky man.
- Well, it might be so...but I think I'm a very lucky girl as well.
- You're lucky too?
- Oh yes. And that's why we are so good together.
- Cause you are lucky together.
- Yes.

I couldn't explain my feelings better even with thousands of words, so that's why I just wrote down this conversation I had this morning.
I'm all jolly and sunny and chirpy. I'm even skipping a little when walking.
But now I'm off to annoy someone else with all this smiling.


Maija said...


Actually I love it that you are so disgustingly happy and in love.

Inari said...


I love it too. Even though it makes me a bit nauseous, all this happines...

I love you!

Maija said...

Love you too. But come back soon, okay? My life is unnecessarily complicated without you.

Inari said...

Yeh, it's always easier when you know that all you should do is eat cakes and watch soaps. But not long to wait anymore, try to find that next season of Grey somewhere!