Thursday, November 26, 2009

In my mind there are treasures to find

[This is for Adele from Poptart]

If you were in my head for a day you would find...

- a lot of details piled neatly on the shelves
- piles of forgotten items in the corners
- things arranged by colors
- boxes full of memories
- tons of dust
- various dreams
- silly ideas
- creative plans
- little wishes
- pits and pieces all around
- things I've forgot
- bright light
- beautiful pictures
- annoying tunes
- dirty thoughts
- many questions
- something blue
- some desire
- a bit of shame hidden in the back
- lots of love
- a complicated system keeping things going
- and the big picture looking messy, but everything actually being in it's own place

(Picks borrowed from here, there, there and here.
Thank you!)


Adele said...

hi hun! I love what I could find in your head (: especially the dust one. I know certain areas of mine probably are in need of some dusting! thanks for visiting and commenting (: x

Inari said...

Well, I believe what Douglas Coupland wrote in The Gum Thief: "Don't upset the dust, it's happy the way it is." :D

Thank you for the same reasons :)