Saturday, November 21, 2009

The name of the game is the most important part

Okay, I just fell in love. I've never used OPI nail polishes, so I've got no idea if they're good or not (even though I've heard some rumours they're the best ones). But I'm not in love with the product itself, even though you can get it in almost any color. I'm in love with the clever catchy names they have for every single one. That little detail makes me wanna buy all of those, even though I don't wear nailpolish that often. Yes, I'm that kind of shopper who makes her decision based on details and buys the product that's estethically perfect even though it may not be the most practical, the cheapest or the easiest to use.

Here you go, some examples:

In my back pocket // Kinky in Helsinki // Need Sunglasses? //Privacy Please
No, I am not really a waitress // Keys to my Karma // Louvre me, Louvre me not
You don't know Jacques! // I'm fondue of you // Dating a Royal
And this little Piggy //No room for the Blues

...You can find more at the OPI web page.

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