Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Shame November

Misses Molly Yeh and Ema-Leigh made me think about the things I'm ashamed of. And then the things I should be ashamed of, but am not. The things I may even like even though it may not be socially acceptable. Inspired by those girls I wrote a list on my own, about things falling into category "I maybe should be ashamed of this but don't give a damn". Just to remind myself (and you) that it's not that serious, and there really is too much shame in our lives.
So I'll stop for apologising myself and continue doing these things without feeling bad about it. At least for the No Shame November.

1. I eat candies for breakfast. And enjoy it.
2. I cry a lot and shamelessly, even in public.
3. I tell dirty jokes even though people around me wouldn't be too pleased to hear them.
4. I post pathetic emo lyrics to my blog when I'm feeling blue.
5. I use the clothes I love even though I might look fat in them.
6. I'm not ashamed to admit that I love being naive. And acting naively even when I'm not.
7. I color up the truth when I'm telling a story. (But just a bit.)
8. I'm happy for my butt getting bigger.
9. I speak and write in English even though I know I make tons of mistakes. I just don't care.
10. I swear too much (like a pirate), also in public.


Jenni / North and South said...

naiivius kunniaan! ja itkeminen myös. :)

Inari said...

Siinä vaiheessa kun huomasin, että poikaystäväni kantaa aina mukanaan nenäliinoja siltä varalta, että alan taas kyynelehtiä, totesin olevani toivoton itkijä ja päätin jättää asiasta stressaamisen vähemmälle :)

molly YEH! said...

yay! i love it!!! my favorite is the swearing like a pirate part :-) :-)

this is too cute. could i post this to my blog??

Inari said...

Sorry, it took a while before I noticed your comment. But YES, of course you can! :)