Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is me, nice to meet you

I've always had a thing for new notebooks. Every time I'd like to change something in my life or start a new project, I buy a new notebook. Most of those notebooks are nowadays archieved in a long row of hardly used ones on my bookshelf. Usually I fill in just six pages or so, but in my opinion, it's enough. As long as it makes me feel organised.

I also think that the first page is the most important. It tells people who owns the notebook and what's in it. It also should warn them not to read my notes or put their noses is my business. But this time it's different. I warmly welcome all of you to read my notes in this notebook, and I really wish yo will share your thoughts with me and leave a lot of comments.

So, this time the first page is gonna tell something about me. Just that you know who you're dealing with. And if you choose to say, I'm sure you will get to know a part of me quite well.

My name is Inari.
I'm from Finland, but right now I'm working and living in London.
One day I'll become a librarian.
Other things I'd like to be are a photographer, a jewelry maker and a writer.
I love colours, soap bubbles, chocolate, cats, balloons, bookstores and my camera, of course.
I can be a bit moody sometimes, but when having a good day I can't help smiling. If the day happens to be very good, I may even be skipping a little when walking around.
I do have some wonderful friends, a nice family and an amazing boyfriend (yes dear, this amazing can be open to various interpretations.)

I have hundreds of buttons, a collection of nicely shaped stones and many plastic dinosaurs. I like old tins and love to have a cup of tea, especially with biscuits. If I could, I would spend more tome in weird museums, old record stores and cozy cafes.

Right now I am
dreaming about a perfect haircut
and smiling all the time
cause somehow this feels to be a good day,
and I'm also really happy of this new blog of mine.

So, nice to meet you.
Now it's your time to tell about about yourself. I'm listening.

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