Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 47 - The Best Of

* An e-mail from an ex-colleague saying he misses me
Cause I had the best jokes, and working without me isn't that fun.
Hard to believe, but it still made me smile.

* Moustache bandages
I have one at my left ankle right now

* My heart at
What a wonderful site

* My new Over-the-top - cameo from Topshop
I've always loved cameo brooches but never used them as they always look so posh and classy. My new one is so exaggeratedly posh it just looks ridiculous and makes me laugh. And cause I love to look ridiculous myself and make other people laugh, i had to buy it, of course.

* Knitting
And the unbelievable fuss it caused when I made it in public.

* My new haircut
even though I still feel a bit weird in it.

* Long weekend without going anywhere
and just relaxing instead.

* Getting compliments
made me happy. But complimenting others made me even happier.

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