Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Happy birthday you crazy Finnish chick"

{This photo is taken by a guy I met a long ago
and whose name I don't remember anymore}

Cause my 23rd birthday appears to be a list day, I wrote a list with 23 worthless facts about myself. WARNING: may contain too much information. Don't use against your doctor's orders.

- Sometimes I act more like a cat than a girl.
- I love red shoes.
- I don't give a damn what strangers think about my style, but I'm always wondering what my mum would say.
- I'm afraid of motorways, elevators and gas cookers.
- I'm great with kids if I want to. Usually even when I don't want to.
- I've met three different psychologists to speak about my life.
- I got my first kiss when I was 18 and it was far too slimy.
- I buy books by their covers.
- I love photographing but hate being photographed.
- I love everything small and shiny, especially silver spoons.
- I can't sing at all, but I still do it.
- I don't like washing dishes because I hate the feeling when the dish brush scratches my hands.
- I'm addicted to blogs and blogging (at the moment, my addictions always vary from time to time).
- I can bake wonderful chocolate cakes.
- I put so much sugar in my tea it's almost like using tea with my sugar, not the other way round.
- In the evenings, before I fell asleep, I used to tell love stories to myself. Nowadays I think of cats before I fall asleep.
- I cry every time I watch Love, Actually.
- I hate sweetcorn.
- I never drink energy drinks or coffee, cause I'm afraid they'll make me too hyper.
- In my opinion everybody should recycle, but when I'm tired I sometimes stop caring and just throw everything into same bin. Afterwards I feel guilty.
- I am a bit lazy and I know it.
- I buy cookie cutters I never use just because of their fancy shapes. My collection includes i.e. a cat, a tooth, an elephant, a camel and four different dinosaurs.
- I suck at mathematics.


Sanna said...

- I can bake wonderful chocolate cakes.

Hear, hear!

- I suck at mathematics.

No you don't, you we're always the most talented and dedicated mathematician of our motley crew in the corner of the maths class room. Besides, if you sucked, what would I do?!

Happy Birthday once again!

(Random fact about me: should be writing a terrible eight-page assignment, deadline Thursday morning, pages three, inspiration below zero.)

Inari said...

Which one of us was the one who at the matriculation examination proudly answered that the speed of the car on a motorway is -35 kilometres per hour? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

(I should be writing one of my five reports of this internship. My supernice boss even said I can do it on work time, but still, I rather think of cakes and fake moustaches. Wish I be with you, so we could just skip all the work and have fun instead. I so miss you.)

Sanna said...

I miss you too, and let me tell you, you are gazillion times more alluring than the English spelling reform. Cakes and moustache come up to about one hundred thousand. But we can stop missing and start having fun in a mere few days and that sure is something to look forward to!