Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heathrow calling, can you hear me?

I browsed my blog and realized there is nothing but images for many days. But no worries, words are on their way. Although I enjoy picture books, so why not to keep one?

Right now I sit at the Heathrow airport and wait wait wait. I'm ready to go, but my plane isn't yet. Three more hours to wait, I shouldn't have come so early. But I still think it's better to sit here and write than sit on a train and panic. And now, when I've passed check-in and security checks, I feel a bit calmer. And a bit hungry as well. Have to go hunting soon, I guess.

I got a minicab to the airport. My driver was a young, nervous man with a guerrilla beard. He scratched his beard and gnashed his teeth all the way. It was a bit disturbing, I have to say, but at least he didn't try to talk. I'm far too tired to talk with strangers.

They took my luggage in, I didn't even have to pay anything extra. Which is a miracle, when you think I had 4 bags and 15 extra kilos with me. That's not even a lot, says a girl who's used to carry more stuff than an average camel. This time my biggest suitcase includes for example 3 kilos of crafting materials (including several tools) 2 kilos of jewelry (yeah, I might have a problem), various books, a pair of bright yellow Dr Martens and 1 kilo of pebbles and seashells. In other words, treasures. You can't throw treasures away. Or at least I can't.

At the security check I had to strip a lot. They didn't like me wearing all the layers and I had to take my belt and boots off. I have on me all the clothes that I couldn't stuff to any of my bags. That means, on the top of the basic underwear layer I have a pair of jeans, two pairs of woolen socks, a long-sleeved shirt, a woolen dress, a thick jumper, a hoodie, a coat and two scarves. Yes, it's a bit hot in here. Or it might just be me.

I'm exhausted, hungry and nervous about flying. It still feels good to be on my way home.

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