Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is this cup of tea half empty or half full?

We sit in a café. He writes postcards and I know I should too. I have fifteen stamps to use before I leave this city. I have friends and relatives waiting for greetings. They have waited patiently for the cards I promised. And I've already bought the cards, I just don't know what to write in them. Too many things to say. And still, most of it I've told already. On the phone or in my blogs. Is it all right to sen a card with just one word? Hello.

He's leaving tomorrow. Part of me wants to leave with him and go home already. I miss home. I miss our warm apartment and double windows not letting the rain in. And I'm gonna miss him. I just feel more complete when he's around. This week has been a good one.

But the other part of me knows there are still things to do before I'm ready. I have to finish what I started. I have to end my thoughts. I have to buy some things and get rid of some I don't need anymore. I have to visit some places I don't wanna miss even though I can never see all I wanted in here. I have to attend a christmas party and say goodbye too many times. I have to pack my bags and clean up my small blue room so it will be ready for the next one to come. I still have two weeks and I'm gonna use it well. But then...

then I'll come back and be happy I'm home again.

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Maija said...

It's all right. I know I'd love to get a hello from you.