Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a minute, I'll put my glasses on

On a new campus again, this time at an art school. The collection in the library includes fashion magazines for decades and different books of tattoo designs. Just for an example, they seem to have everything art and design - related here. And all the students are oh-so-stylish wandering around in their unique clothes. Fifteen minutes ago I went to the cafe to buy a sandwich, and they sold paints, drawing pads and chalks in there as well. I'm amazed.

And the girl at the multimedia desk asked me, what does it really mean to be a librarian. What is the whole thing about. Well, I said, it depends a lot of where you work. In some places you handle with old smelly books, in others you deal more with computers or people. But all the librarians are very sexy and stylish anyway, with their glasses and pretty hairdos and skirts. As you can tell from the two librarians-to-be in front of you, two messy-haired young girls in jeans.

What does it really mean to be a librarian? Phhhww, a hard question. I think I have to have a thought before I can give you a summary. Later on I might write a whole post about it, but not today. Opinions, anyone? Pics of sexy librarians also welcomed!

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