Monday, December 14, 2009

My first Moustache-Monday

In my best friend's opinion, on Moustache-Mondays we should discuss about things that are way too hairy. That might be a good idea, even though it may end up with me just ranting about my boyfriend's beard. Don't get me wrong, I find beards sexy, but in my opinion it's slightly irritating to have to pick bristles from your plate before you can start eating. And when you live with somebody with a guerrilla-beard (I'm sure you haven't been trimming it lately, dear) and an impressive moustache, your life is full of whiskers in wrong places.

So, #1: some beards
(especially the one I'm sharing an apartment with.)
#2: Maija's dog
(No offence, but you just drop hair everywhere and it makes me wanna shave you.)

Has anyone anything to add?


Maija said...

Yes, my dog is way too hairy and sometimes I would like to shave him too. But then I look at my legs and think, who am to judge? So...

#3: Maija's legs
(although it is winter time, after all, and I need a bit of extra warmth)

Riikka said...

#4: Riikkas legs
(It's ok they are hairy during winter but could they miraculously come hairles when the spring (or an event where I have to wear thin stockings) comes closer?)

Inari said...

Oh camoon girls, now I have to add my legs as #5, even though I shaved them...3 weeks ago, so the situation isn't so bad it could be. And if I mention my legs, I feel I should talk about the even hairier parts of my body, and I seriously don't want to do that. So, anything else?

Sanna said...

Yes yes, this is the way to go! In my opinion moustache is synonymous to 'too hairy', unless said moustache are on the face of a woman, where it's just strange and kinda sexy. And preferably fake.

My legs are so shaven they almost reflect light, but something way too hairy is the food in the uni cafeteria, as friend had to pick a specimen of unknown origins from her Christmas ham today. Yum.

I wish my head was too hairy again.

Inari said...

Yey, you made it and finally find your way to my comment box. I'm delighted, but at the same time a bit scared, cause you seem to have weird opinions of facial hair on women. Anyway, I like you, and you have a point there with the food: one more reason not to eat Christams ham. Or don't eat at the uni cafeteria anymore at all. I'm so used to sandwiches anyway that buying a real meal with the same amount of money will be so weir...

And don't you worry, you'll get your hair back and then it will fly everywhere around your head and mostly on other people's faces. We are all eagerly waiting for that.

Sanna said...

I know you do, you just love the tickle of it on your face... and in your nose and mouth, dont't you :D

I'm thrilled about my debut, too, and I think the comment feature's probably working due to me using the school network for a change, which hasn't happened often since the arrival of mölkky. Why I'm using the network is because I'm in the uni library, doing important academic writing, YES ACADEMIC WRITING, don't you look at me like that!!

I like you too. Mwah!