Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My inner hippie dating Mr Holmes

I started my day with sewing a button to a coat my boyfriend got from a friend yesterday. Some hours after getting it he and his bicycle were hit by car. He didn't get hurt, but his leather jacket did. The only way to fix it would be with at least 55 safety pins, but he doesn't want to look that a wannabe punk. In his new coat he just looks like Sherlock Holmes.

When I've finished writing this I'm gonna sew new buttons to my cardigan. I bought it yesterday from sales, cause in the morning I realized there were two big holes in the sleeve of my old beloved comfort cardi. I have no idea where they came from, maybe there were moths in my closet in London or something. I wouldn't be surprised of that. Not that I wouldn't have other cardigans, but I have no black/dark gray one that would go with anything. This one will get colorful buttons to cheer it up and make it more

I also fixed a skirt bought from a charity shop. It was a bit too small (and after my time in London a bit more too small, damn crisps and sandwiches). Now it's shorter, but definitely looks good on me. And I love the color, it's actually brighter than in the pic. When I wear it my boyfriend can't anymore say my style looks like black-and-white TV. He doesn't seem to like the way London changed my style. It may just be that I'm not used to have this many options in my closet, so I still use the same ones I used for those three months. But some way London really changed my wardrobe. It became blacker and simpler. And even though I like it myself, I really want to find the colors again.

That's why I'm so happy we found this fabric from the flea market today. My boyfriend bought it for me so I could make a skirt of it. I love the colors, and even more I love the pattern. I'll try to make something of it during my Christmas break. Although I'm better planning than really doing, this time I don't want the fabric just got lost among all the other almost-started-projects.

So I've had an creative day. Even though these are just little repairs, I feel good I got them done. If you wanna see more serious craft projects, start to follow my crafting blog IKOMI. From this day, I'm gonna translate my new posts into English, so more people will get something out of it. I'd love to see you there.


Anonymous said...

Ihania kuvia! Voi kun saisin tekstistä enemmän irti, kun ei tuota kielipäätä ole suotu.... ;)

Inari said...

Jos haluat lukea suomeksi, tsekkaa ikomi-blogi. Kirjoitin tähän ensin hyvin lyhyen pähkinänkuoritiivistelmän, mutta tajusin sitten, että sen verran olet varmaan pelkistä kuvistakin saanut irti, ja tunsin itseni tyhmäksi :D