Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My, oh My!

Today I worked on a different campus. The library was small and reminded me of...well, a library. The one I usually work at is more like an airport with its massive hall and huge windows, and all the students wandering around and shouting to each other. We even have security gates and guards there. Even though I like my job and have enjoyed my time there, I still think in the future I will prefer a place that is more like a library. So that's why I was so happy with my new experience today.

There was a manager with the cutest laugh. And a very charming trainee with orange-yellow sneakers. And another guy, who started with showing me how he orders books for the library, but ended up showing me pictures of buildings. I especially liked the penguin pool from the London Zoo. He said it's a well-known building, drawn by some famous designer, but not in use anymore, apparently cause the penguins didn't like it. Which sounds a bit weird to me cause that place was super cool and even had slides. I'd love to live in a house with slides. But maybe that's the difference between me and penguins. They may prefer glaciers.

I also met the loveliest girl. She had a funky, personal style with a lot of twist and pale green fingernails. She was nice and friendly and a bit of hyper in a cute way. She talked all the time and swore like a pirate. (You know how I feel about swearing and pirates, especially together.) She also was a huge fan of the Moomins and told me that she is definitely gonna visit Finland some day. I really wish she will, I'm sure she would enjoy it. From the first moment she reminded me of the Little My, who (with Pippi Longstocking) has always been my impression of an ideal woman. (Btw, it was the second time within 24 hours when I thought it really is a shame I prefer boys. (And so do both of the girls that had made me think that way. Life's not fair.))

So not a bad day, not at all.

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