Sunday, December 20, 2009

This has been a weird day

Today it looked like this when my dad was driving me home.

I have to concentrate when speaking Finnish. If I don't think what I'm saying, words escape from my mouth in English, and then I get weird looks from people around me. My thoughts are in English, so are my dreams. It feels weird, as this language has never felt natural to me. I had to study hard to learn it, and I only can speak it when I give a damn of all those mistakes I do all the time.

It also feels weird to be in an environment I know very well, but don't remember exactly. There are weird sounds in these building, and a weird smell in our bathroom. On the other hand, clothes I took from my suitcase smell weird too. Mostly like cigarettes and moist. I have to wash the whole lot before I can put them back to my closet. But that's allright, I'm so bored with those clothes anyway. Today I'm pro-choice and enjoy the possibilities of my wardrobe.

It's snowing horizontally, but nobody panics. There are no traffic jams, and it took same time to drive 150 kilometers as it took me to get to work every morning in London (within the distance of 10 kilometers). My boyfriend has filled our fridge with all the food I like, but wouldn't buy myself as the products cost so much. I then went to a grocery store to get some milk he had forgot and got shocked when I remembered how expensive cheese is in Finland. I didn't have any €, so I had to ask my dad to pay. There still is £100 in my purse.

It will take some days to get back here mentally. Right now I can't relax, and therefore can't sleep yet. I might get back to Finnish reality TV and the programs my boyfriend nicely recorded while I was out of here. Today he also gave me one of the funniest birthday presents yet: a mirror with fake moustache clued on it and candies that color my tongue blue. That will entertain me quite a long.

A message I found on our fridge door.

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