Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Piece of...what?

Yesterday a friend of mine showed me
pics of cakes she had done.
They were beautiful and innovative,
but I wanted to see more.
A little googling, and this is what I found.

So here is my cake list:
top 10 of weird cakes,
in no particular order.
Some of them are weird in a good way,
some of them in a frightening way
and some of them are just awesome.

A Spaghetti Cake


A Totoro Cake


A Steak Cake


A Rubik's Cake

A Rainbow Cake

A Nikon D700 Cake


A Katamari Wedding Cake


A Gay Wedding Cake


An Engine Cake

A Divorce Cake


visuaalisesti vaativa kottarainen said...

En kestä! Ihan mahtavia! Voi että kun jotkut jaksaa ja osaa!

Inari said...

Niinpä! Vaikka käytänkin Canonin kameroita, Nikon-kakku vei sydämeni. Myös erokakku on ideana mahtava.

Maija said...

I'm in love with rainbow cakes, thanks to all the tumbling I've done recently. And divorce cakes are awesome, I kind of want to get married to someone, just so I could get a divorce and have a divorce party with a cake.

P.S. One of my favourite cakes:

P.T said...

I like the divorce cake! :D Nice finds...

Inari said...

Oh yeah, that's awesome. Zombies can be cool if they stand on the wedding cake.

And I even found how-to-make-a-rainbow-cake page if you wanna have a try. But I won't eat it if you use blue.

Thanks :D