Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things I irrationally dislike, part 2

Talking machines
I find it hard enough to listen all the persons around me. I don't need any more words from my toaster, computer or car. It creeps me out when a metallic voice starts to speak, especially if I'm not prepared for it. Navigators in cars annoy me a lot, but I truly hate speaking elevators. It's so unnatural. Think about it: you stay in a closed box going up or down between floors and then, tsadam - 'This is floor one, doors opening, mind the doors.' Oh really, floor one already? I couldn't tell it from that huge number one on the screen. And like I couldn't step out of an elevator if somebody doesn't tell me to.

The worst thing of the whole situation is that I was bred for politeness. 'If somebody speaks to you, it is polite to answer'. In my opinion there's no difference between talkers, have they brain or not. So, you can imagine what happen when I use a talking elevator. Before getting to my floor I've usually had a long conversation. But apparently it's just me, as people using the same elevator usually look me like I were, well, weird is quite a nice way putting it.

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