Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear so and so...

Dear London,
I miss you.
Why do you have to be that far away?

Dear teacher,
I've got problems concentrating today,
and I'm sorry for that.
Could you be nice and let us go already?

Dear PhotoShop CS3,
do you have to be that frickin' complicated?

Dear Sun,
Thanks for shining today.
You made me miss summer though.

Dear snow,
I'm fed up with you,
please melt away already.

Dear craving for sugar,
get out of my head.

Dear liquorice smell,
I have no idea where you are coming from,
but you smell nice,
so please don't leave our apartment.

Dear fellow bloggers,
please don't be offended if I stopped following you today.
I had over 90 blogs on my blog roll, and I had to let some of them go,
as I didn't have enought energy to read every single post anyway.
But don't worry, I'll still be visiting you.

Dear J,
thanks for cooking.
and thanks for letting me sit on the kitchen couch
and just watch while you do that.
It makes me happy.

Dear mom,
I'm sorry I'm so terrible with money
and have to call you again soon
and ask you pay my train tickets
so I can visit you on my holiday.

Dear pink colour,
please don't fade away
and leave my hair so quickly.
You make me happy every time I look at the mirror.

Dear readers,
thanks for following, commenting and just being there.
You make me happy and motivated,
and mean lot to me.
Pleace know you are appreciated
and that I regularly visit your blogs,
if you only have one.

Dear friends in London,
I've been thinking of you a lot lately
even though I haven't wrote that many letters.
Thanks for being so nice for me when I was there
and remembering me now when I'm gone.
I wish I can visit you soon.


visuaalisesti vaativa kottarainen said...

Dear Photoshop CS4, I know we have our complications and I know sometimes I so angry and impatient. I'm sorry about those tantrums I sometimes get with you. But I just love you so much. You have made my life complete. I hope we have lot of adventures coming in future. Together we can make it. <3

Inari said...

Aaaawww <3
That's all I can say right now :D

Antidisko said...

You're quite welcome, I like having you on the kitchen couch while I make little something-something.

And I try to be more active kitchenwise 'cause I actually really like cooking for you. Plus it spares me eating your super-spicy cuisine ;) (most of your food are absolutely fabulous so don't get mad. I relly love your lasagna etc. but I'm still a little bit shaky of all that pepper in your red sauce).

Please make me macaroni casserole again sometime?