Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paging through

I am a sucker for stationary. Different kinds of papers, pens, folders, cards and pads, I just love them. But my biggest love still are notebooks. I have plenty of them in different sizes, shapes and colors. Whenever I start a new notebook it feels like starting a new life. Like being a better, more organized person. Someone who knows how to write her thoughts down, someone who knows how to produce text and file her memories.

For years I bought notebooks but never used them. Cause I've never been a real journal writer, I'm just not logical and coherent enough to write a daily diary. But when I realized I don't have to write when I don't feel like it, using notebooks came easier. I don't fill the pages in order. I don't write whole stories. I can have one word on the first page and a whole entry on the second one. I have notes of homework, shopping lists, plans and individual memories. I have timetables, tickets and clippings attached to the pages with glue or paper clips. I have plenty of photographs between the pages.

I carry it with me where ever I go, cause you never know when you need to write something down. And when the book is used from cover to cover, I move to the next one. There's a long row of used ones in my bookcase. And time to time I get back to them to flip through the old pages full of memories, ideas and words. Like yesterday, I had the funniest of mornings when reading notebooks from my high school times. Even though it made me a bit sad too - all those past feelings, stories and relationships - having an archive like this is so important I don't have enough words to explain it.

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