Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo Challenge: 4th pic

I did this cause I was curious to know what's the fourth pic in fourth folder. If you want to see the rules in Finnish, check out Jarno's blog (he's also the guy who tagged me to do this.)
In English:
1. Open the fourth folder of those where you have your photos
2. Choose the fourth pic and post it to your blog
3. Explain the pic
4. Tag four bloggers to do the same

It took a while to decide which one is my fourth folder with pics. I'm not that organized with my computer, so after a lot of struggling I just took the oldest of my photo folders. And then the fourth pic in fourth subfolder. I'm not sure if this was the correct way to do things, but it's my way. Ha!

This picture is taken in November 2006, when I was on an outing in Hanko with the nature club from my upper secondary school. The pic is shot with black and white film and scanned to my computer later on. That makes it a bit blurry, but I love the atmosphere. I guess I haven't seen that girl since the outing, and when looking at this I can't help wondering what's going on in her life nowadays.

And, finally, I'd love to see Rose Red, Susie, Kottarainen and Miss Hobbit to do this. But no need to sweat because of this, if it doesn't feel like fun.

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Maija said...

Hyvän haasteen valitsit, tämä kiertää aika huolella Tumblrissa nyt. :)