Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome

I'm planning an escape. Well, just a temporary one, I'll be back on Monday morning and get back to normal life with all the homework waiting for me. But tonight I'm going to take my boyfriend with me and step on board. We're going to Stockholm, and even though it's just a short cruise to a city we've been before plenty of times, it means lot to me. For some hours I don't have to think of schoolwork or our messy home or the dishes that wait for washing. For some hours we can just be and relax and do what we please. In a city I really like.

Here are some guidelines I'm planning to follow:
- Don't take anything extra with you
- Try not to do too many plans
- Don't expect anything special
- Go where you please
- Remember to have enough tea breaks
- Only buy things that really are to die for and impossible to get back home
- And for God's sake don't follow these lines if you don't feel like it!

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