Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Me? Yeah, still here. Just been a bit busy. Three days off and I have turned super productive.
I've knitted, crocheted, rearranged, organized, did lots of laundry, babysitted, crafted, photographed, gone for walks, drilled and cleaned. Mostly cleaned. I hate hate hate cleaning, so now when It's done I feel like I'd beaten a dragon. I usually live according to the Douglas Coupland -quote "Don't upset the dust, it's happy the way it is", so there was lot to do. And yes, it was worth it, I know. It just was so painful while doing it. To make myself remember how nice this apartment can look I may share some photos of details tomorrow. I even washed and changed the bedroom curtains, that's totally worth a blog post.

See you soon!

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