Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Day of the Month

Oh, it's here! The time of the month. No, not that time, the time when new Elle UK drops in and tries to kill all the pets and toes and other things that are waiting too near to the letterbox. You can't miss that, it always comes with such a slam and bang and kaboom.

I love reading magazines, I've always had. Fashion mags especially, although I've never been such a fashion girl myself. Why? Cause I love those colors and accessories and photographs. They inspire me even though in most cases I can't afford any of those items listed on the pages. And I don't even want to. Part of the fun is to page through knowing I don't have to own anything there. That those items are worthless luxury that wouldn't make my life any better. This point of view may sound totally weird to you. But it's just so that amongst all the things I have to care about it feels good to have something that is just pretty and unimportant.

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