Friday, March 19, 2010


Hello Friday, it's nice to see you! Have a seat and stay for a while please, don't run away that fast. This has been a long week and all the days have gone so slowly. And today, today has been an exhausting day. I had a job interview that didn't go that well, and an exam that went even worse. Now I'm worried and frustrated and a bit tired too. At least the first spring period at uni is ending today, the next one isn't gonna be this busy.

I'm also sure there's no problem a power nap and a special Friday cake couldn't fix. So see you a bit later, I'm off to relax.


Maija said...

I've already napped, and I'm starting to think a friday cake would be in order.

Inari said...

What about a test version of the rainbow cake?

Maija said...

A very small rainbow cake. Hmm. I am intrigued.