Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cakes and Minor Points

I love baking, and I do bake a lot. Sometimes it's planned beforehand, but I mostly do impulse baking. In that kind of situation the things I make vary a lot according to my mood.

When I'm stressed, I mostly bake bread.
When I'm disappointed or sad, I make cupcakes.
When I'm happy and feel good, I usually bake cakes.
Cookies are made on tired days,
and pies mostly when I feel like I need baking, but can't specify my feelings.

And sometimes when I'm pissed off or furious, I act like today. Bake weird things. Things I normally don't bake, or even eat. Like these confections in the picture. I'm pretty sure they're far too sweet, and I usually don't do icing, as it's tastes just like sugar and nothing else. But that's all right, cause baking made me calm down. In contrast to that the outcome is just a minor point.

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