Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'd like to introduce my new friend. I've been watching over this little fellow for a long while, as it's hanged out at the coat rack of my favourite restaurant for the whole winter. I've been waiting if that little someone who apparently lost it would come back, and reunite with his/her smitten kitten mitten. But yesterday I decided we've both waited long enough and adopted it. Why?

Cause it makes me smile and inspires me every time I see it.
Cause I'd love to have mittens like these on my own (in my size, please).
Cause I'm sure it was lonely up there and deserves a new home.
Cause I thought it could keep company to my laptop who has started to purr like a very loud cat all the time, and you know they say cat's need friends too. So now I have two. They may not be alike, but they'll surely make friends.

Little things like this make me a lot happier. And I promise that if I sometime meet that little dude wearing this kittens pair, I will help it back home.


tohveli said...

Voi! Nyt kisu löysi hyvän kodin!
Olen sitä käynyt myös säännöllisesti silittelemässä ja paijailemassa. Purrr...

Inari said...

Vähän kyllä pelottaa, jääkö sitä joku muukin kovasti kaipaamaan, ehkä se onkin sellainen kahvilakissa. Mutta asukoon täällä ainakin vähän aikaa, katsotaan miten viihtyy :)