Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tea Break

I love tea and coffee cups. I drink no coffee (it tastes so bad) and I prefer my tea in mugs, but I still have over 20 pairs of coffee cups. Nowadays I only buy ones that really are special some way (at least for me) and usually trifted. I love going to flea markets and charity shops to see cute cups. I just try to avoid buying, as there's no space in our cupboards anymore.

In the first picture there's my new tea mug. Now I just need some raspberry tea to drink from it. In the second picture there's a pair of coffee cups I just somehow fell in love with. The ones in the last picture are meant for crafting. They are all uneven and some of them have cracks, but I still had to get those. So cute, no matter they're too small to be usable in a kitchen. Crafting is just such a perfect excuse. Some more pincushion cups are going to be created in the future, I guess.

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