Monday, May 24, 2010

Things to do on a rainy day...

It's been raining all day today. Of course, as it's my laundry day, and I was hoping to hang the sheets outside to dry. But rain hasn't been able to ruin my day completely, it's been actually kinda nice just stay indoors and do small things. I made you a list of possibilities, just in case you are feeling bored.

- Look out of the window and watch the raindrops fall.
If you see any birds, pay attention how they won't get wet.
And don't you forget to wonder why.
- Dream. A lot.
I've been dreaming of distant cities and flying, for instance.
- Watch some movie you've been planning to watch (again) for a long time.
Mine was Little Women.
- Read a book you haven't read yet.
Keri Smith's Guerilla Art Kit was my choice today.
- Take a nap.
A necessity for a rainy day.
(I personally do it even on sunny ones.)
- Write something, or doodle at least.
Aiming to do some art journaling next.
- Craft something.
I'm still crocheting.
And planning to continue sewing later on.
- Cook something you like.
Mmm, macaroni casserole.
- Take a bath or a long shower.
I've been dreaming of a bath tub as well.
- Think back some lovely times of your life.
My mind is in London today.
- And if you love making lists, make one of things to do on a sunny day.
The weather forecast for tomorrow looks promising.

And now I'll continue my rainy day experiences.
Have a nice day whatever kind of weather you have there.

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