Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today I...

...feel sad for some reason, right from the beginning of the day. tired cause I didn't sleep well at all.

...have a full day ahead of me.

...think I should post more to this blog. happy cause my new neighbors decided to stay
(I'll tell more about that later...)

...wear a pair of bright green leggings and can't decided if it looks awesome or terrible with my purple hair. planning to crochet a lot
(need to sit at school, you see...)

...have some other plans too.

...wait eagerly for my one-week-holiday to start.

...wear jingly earrings and love the sound of them.

...miss comments from you - are you still there?


Mertta said...

Olen jo odotellutkin että milloin kirjoitat tänne lisää! :)

Mertta said...


Inari said...

Oh, sorry! Promise to get back to moustache schedule next Monday :D