Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Small things become big things when your ankle hurts

Today, at the doctors, they wanted to X-ray my ankle. I tripped on my own feet yesterday, and this morning my ankle was twice as big as it should be. Anyway, when I walked to the X-ray, the smiley chirpy nurse stopped me. "You are not pregnant, right?" she asked. In a smiley chirpy tone. "Not that I know" I answered without giving it so much thought. But the nurse wasn't happy. "I really hope I'm not", I continued, when she didn't let me walk into the room. For some reason she was staring at me. At my belly, to be exact. "You're not trying to get pregnant or anything?" she double-checked. "No, I'm using birth control. It's actually very unlikely I would be pregnant." "Hmmm", she mumbled still looking at my belly. "I guess it's all right then. If you're sure." And only then she looked at my face and smiled. With a smiley chirpy way.

It took me 35 minutes of sitting in the hallway and waiting for the results before I understood why she was repeating it so eagerly. Yes, I'm 95 % sure I'm not pregnant and I just had my period. I guess she should believe me, or at least believe I know better than she does. And yes, if I look like I were pregnant, that's just because I'm fat. And I know it too, you don't have to rub it to my face with your fake-concern of my baby-to-be. At least not on a shitty day like this.

That X-ray cost me 90€.
Apparently I still wasn't paying enough to get some delicacy.


Mertta said...

Vatsan tuijotus on asia erikseen, mutta meille on koulussa opetettu että naispotilaalta 12-50v. täytyy kysyä onko mahdollista että on raskaana, käyttääkö ehkäisyä ja milloin viimeiset kuukautiset alkoivat. Ei me niitä ilkeyttämme udella! :)

Inari said...

Ette varmasti, ja ymmärtäähän sen, kun seinälläkin on niitä "ei raskaana röntgeniin"-lappuja. Mutta ei saa silti tuijottaa, minun mahassani kun ei asu ketään, mur. Ja meen aina ihan jäihin noista kuukautiskysymyksistä, kun en koskaan muista.