Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something scary happened yesterday...

We were on our way to flea markets. I was very happy right then and totally lost in my thoughts. Which is all right cause I don't drive. My boyfriend did the driving and he did a good job. The streets were slippery though, but they usually are in wintertime. That's normal, and people who live in Finland are used to it. What people aren't used to, or at least I am not, are big black city jeeps ignoring the traffic regulations.

Right in the middle of a crossing of two streets that city jeep hit our car. Apparently the driver saw us too late, even though he was the one who should have seen us, cause we were the ones with the right of way. He came from our left and was in the crossing at the exactly same time with us. When my boyfriend saw that car, he braked as much as he could, of course. But the driver of the city jeep did the exact opposite and put his foot down. He evidently tried to get out of the way, but instead hit our car harder than he would if he had braked instead.

Long story short, no-one was hurt badly but out car. That poor thing is kinda smashed right now, and will very likely be written of. Me and my boyfriend have lots of bruises and some muscular pain, but are otherwise okay. (My knees are bright blue right now, which looks kinda quirky.) The two men in that city jeep got hardly a scratch to their car, and were just terrified, not hurt. It was their mistake totally, and their insurance will take care of the rest. The crappy thing is that we don't have a car anymore, and the refunds hardly will pay for a new one.

I never would have believed it, but I miss our car. It was old and crappy, but it was ours. It also made life easier and more comfortable. I miss Sunday rides and trifting trips we made together. I miss sitting in the front seat and listening to the radio. I think I won't be doing it for a while, I am just too scared to sit in the front anymore. I was afraid of cars even before this, but now, well, now I can hardly take a bus.

It's good to be okay. I'm so happy nothing worse happened.


Tuomas said...

Oh shit! That's terrible :( glad you both are quite OK anyway, so you didn't get hurt any worse... Sorry about the car.

Antidisko said...

I don't know if 'jeep' is a word commonly used of sport utility vehicles, but I feel the irritative need of pointing out that the car crashed us was in fact not a Jeep, but a Lincoln Navigator.