Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh Spring

{by Gayana}

Yes, spring is here. Yesterday was officially the first day of spring. At least in my world. It was warm for the whole last week, so maybe the spring started to someone else for week ago already. But for me, yesterday was it. Here is why:
- I used my Converse All Stars for the first time
- It was so warm I went out without a jacket
- I saw the first Tussilago Farfaras
- It was so sunny and bright
- I had the first ice cream cone outside
- I blew lots of soap bubbles
- I fed ducks in the park
- I just had that very happy spring feeling for the whole day

Other reasons to be happy:
- Our home is starting to look like home more than a garage
- The living room is tidy and cozy
- I can soon start to decorate my crafting space
- Easter holiday (a four-day weekend) is coming, and I have nice plans for it
- I've got some nice crafting inspiration and ideas waiting to be put to action

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