Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a compliment, not a lie

I was helping a lady to find a book she needed and told her where she could look for it. It's always a bit tricky to explain that it could be in a place called shelving trolley, which sometimes is a real trolley, but can also be a shelf full of books waiting to be shelved. When she left the desk I though that I really seem to be struggling with English today, but hopefully she understood even a bit.
At that moment the lady turned around and came back to me.

- By the way, I have to say your English is brilliant. What is your native langugae?
- Finnish.
- Oh, I could never speak Finnish the way you're speaking English now. Very good job.

I don't know, if she really meant that or if she just wanted to be nice, but this episode made me happy anyway. Especially when there seems to be some huge delays in my langugae center today. I can hear people talking to me, but it takes at least 30 seconds before I understand what they say. And for that 30 seconds there is a terribly stupid look on my face while I'm processing the case. What a good day to work in customer service.

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