Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pirates all around

Yesterday, I wrote my No Shame list with number ten being I swear too much (like a pirate), also in public. After that my beloved friend Pikkutiikeri published a list on her own in her blog. Number one was, surprise surprise:
I swear. Fuckloads. All the time. Ok, there are certain situations where I try to tone it down a bit, like around small children or at work. But the occasional naughty word might escape my lips even then. This is one of the several things that I share with Ms Notebook, the author of No Shame November list. Except, I dare say, I swear more.

Yeah, she might be right. With she swearing more, I mean. Anyway, this shouldn't be something to compete about, so I won't start a fight. I just want to let her know that when I read this A Softer World - strip, I thought both of us.

PS. I like being called Ms Notebook. I think I'll start using it.

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