Thursday, November 19, 2009

What happens when you take an anarchist to the zoo

Last summer, me and my boyfriend visited the Korkeasaari Zoo in Helsinki. It was a hot sunny day, and all the animals were either lurking in the shadows or laying in the sun staying as still as possible. We were standing in front of a fenced area hosting some red-necked wallabies. Next to us stood a little pink-dressed girl with his father. The girl pointed at one of the animals and asked: "Dad, why is it just laying there?" "It's sleeping", answered her dad.

"But...", started my boyfriend then, " can we know it's sleeping? What if it's just passive and depressed? Depressed cause it has to live whole of its live in a cage?"

The dad stared at us, took the little girl's hand and walked away. As quickly as possible. I started to laugh. "In my opinion, it was a very good question", mumbled my boyfriend. And I had to agree it was. The situation just was so awkward I couldn't help laughing.

I love him cause of making questions like that. But I'm wiser now. When he comes to meet me in London, we're not going to the zoo.


Riikka said...

Oh, I know what you mean, the London Zoo is just horrible (and thats in a wealthy western country capital) and when I visited it years ago the tiny ape cages almost made me cry.

Riikka said...

And I think that is a very good question too. And it's a pity the dad felt the need to go away.