Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Afternoon irritation

Today I finally made my way to the post office (I was running out of tissues so I had to leave my bed anyway) and was able to send a little something for my partner from

I won't tell anything else yet, as I want it to be a surprise for the receiver. Even though that clerk made me write what's inside the package on a sticker he put on it. 'Surprises' wasn't accepted, so I had to reveal a little. Anyway, I wasn't very exact, so my partner won't know it all in advance. Still, how very annoying. And the value, blah. I just made that amount out of my head cause he was staring at me and I had to write something down. But how to explain for an annoyed postal worker who has a queue of 20 people waiting that 'you know, there are things that are hard to measure in money'? But I hope the custom workers will be happy and let my envelope through. Cause if they won't, that will make two girls very unhappy.

And now I have to wait wait wait to see what she thinks of my gift. Oh, the hardest part.

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