Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things I'd like to take home when leaving London

- Polo Mints, lots of them
"Who doesn't have Polos?", asked my colleague. Well, ask Finns if you wanna hear a YES.

- Aero bubbles-chocolates, both flavours,
They just go so nicely with tea.

- Carmex lip balm, at least one tube
The name is a bit distracting, but it may be the best lip balm I've ever used.

- Aussie Mate Aussome Volume Shampoo and Real Volume Conditioner, at least 2 bottles each
Smells good and works well. I'm pleased even though my hair isn't that big they promised.

- Miss Sporty nail polishes, as many colors as possible
Super cheap, the loveliest colors, easy to use, dry quickly.

This list could be way longer, but I know even these won't fit.
Sophie, if I write you a list, could you send me something once in a while?
Like Poppet Mints, 4 cheese fresh pasta, Mars darks, Miso Soup Sachets, dark chocolate digestives or the upper layers of Double Decker chocolate bars...p

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