Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As a tea lover...

This whole blogging thing is very 2009 to me. I've had had an online journal for a group of friends for 5 years or so, but not anything "open to the masses" before signing in to Blogger. Last summer, when I had a long holiday and time to just wander around the cyberspace, I really found blogs. First I just read them and bookmarked my favourites. Then I started to write one about my craft projects. The one you are reading now is my fourth blog started in 6 months, so you could say this has become a part of my life. And I love it. Keeping a blog gives me a space to write to, a place to express myself and my creativity. I also love reading other blogs and have found it as a lovely way of finding new ideas and inspiration. So that's why I want to give some of my top reads a little award to say thank you and please keep going! I have so many favourites it wasn't easy to pick, but I finally chose these ten blogs to award this year. They are in no order, just listed after the language.

Blogs in English

Fine Little Day: My newest love. I adore her pictures, the most beautiful ones I've seen in a long while. This blog delights and inspires me every time I browse through it. And believe me, I do it a lot.

Quircology: Quirky, weird ideas collected in a funny blog. Makes me smile, we seem to have quite a similar taste with the author.

Bonjour!: I love the way she writes, I love the pictures. Beautiful and simple enough at the same time.

habit : A photo journal kept by two women and their visitors. The different viewpoints to their daily lives just take my breath away.

The Gypsy Feet: Finally a blog to share my love of feet shots! Haven't sent my own one yet, but surely will some day. Their posts just always make me feel happy and warm inside.

Blogs in Finnish
visuaalisesti vaativa: Something very inspirational, love the language and the topics she writes about. This is something I fell in love with in the beginning and haven't missed a post since.

Pretty Gingham: This blog just makes me feel lighter. It may be the beautiful text she writes (in English as well) or the breathtaking pictures, I don't know. I just know I really enjoy reading it.

himalainen: I love the language she uses. The words, the tone, the way to twist the words. I also love her pictures and the way she looks at the world. Her posts always touch me some way.

mehukattitonkka: I don't know this girl, but the way she writes makes me think her as a friend. Love her pictures and the way of writing about ordinary things as they were huge and special.

This Picture: One of the first blogs I fell in love with, and the one whose new posts I still eagerly wait. I especially love the outfit posts and her finds from flea markets, but this blog offers so many different things I never get bored reading it.

So thank you, and here we go. Feel free to forward this award to anyone that makes your blogosphere brighter. We still have a couple of days left before the beginning of a new blogging year.


Nooruska said...

Voi kiitos j niin ihanasti sanottu, saa taas lisäbuustia blogin pitämiseen!

Inari said...

My pleasure. Ja tiedäkin, että vaikka olen huono kommentoimaan, luen tekstisi aina :)

Anonymous said...

Yllätyin suuresti, todella ihana kuulla! : ) Piristit päivääni, KIITOS!

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, thank you so much Inari :)!
Wish you a great new year!

Maija said...

Surely this is the fifth blog of this year, counting the short-lived other notebook? But your selections are lovely.

Inari said...

pistä hyvä kiertämään ja siirrä tunnustus jollekin josta itse tykkäät. Saattaa piristyä jonkun muunkin päivä :)

Fine Little Day:
my pleasure, thanks for writing that a lovely blog!

To be honest, this is the sixth blog of the year. If you count the late pre-stage of this one in tumblr AND my secret blog including all the personal shit I can't publish anywhere I know the readers. Yes, I may be an addict. But does that matter if I'm an happy addict?

visuaalisesti vaativa kottarainen said...

Olen ihan mykkyrällä tästä. Kiitos!

Inari said...

Nyt sait minutkin hymyilemään!
Mykkyrällä, mikä mahtava ilmaus.

Laura said...

thank you so much! it makes me so happy to know that someone out there enjoys my posts. : )

Inari said...

I really do, so keep going!

Celine said...

thank you sooo much Inari! I am blushing that you said you like the way I write! I was never a strong writer in school! But you have encouraged me!
Happy new year Inari! I hope you are doing something sparkly and fun!

himalainen said...

Kiitos Inari sinulle, niin kauniisti kuvailit blogiani. Pakkasessa tuli ihan lämmin olo.
Kamalan hidas olen, hajamielinen. Virkkaan ja tikkaan ja värkkään kaikkia ja kaikki, myös ajatukset ja aikomukset, on siksi vähän sikin sokin mielessä, yhtäkkiä muistin sinun mukavan kommenttisi ja löysin tänne perille.
Tuntui melkein kuin olisin tehnyt pienen matkan, paljon löysin kaunista ajateltavaa täältä ja kiva, että englanniksikin, koska silloin pitää pohtia vielä vähän enemmän. Miettiä ihan hitaasti. Kiitos :) Taidan mennä nyt hitaasti takaisin vielä lukemaan. Tikkaan tässä samalla :)

Inari said...

Kiitos ihanasta kommentista. Kiva kuulla, että aiheutin hyvää mieltä, sinä kun annat sitä minulle niin usein. Jatkakaamme molemmat samaan malliin :)