Monday, December 28, 2009

No, you can't stay under my umbrella. There's no room in here

If yesterday was sticky, today has just been, well, slimy.

On days like this I just hate Finnish winter. And I hate the fact weather changes so fast. It's been snowing for a week now. With breaks, of course, but still, every time I've looked out of the window I've seen some white stuff falling from the sky. Last night, after my sticky indoor day I decided that next morning I'm gonna get out and have a nice long walk in the snow. Well, this morning, when I started my miserable and moody Monday, what did I see from my window? The freaky dog from next door and pouring rain. Almost no snow, just gray, wet, mushy slush everywhere. And when I left, I was wet before I got out of the backyard. And it was so slippery. The worst things of the Finnish winter are slush and icy surfaces slyly hiding under it. It's not easy to balance on a slippery, uneven ground flooding with puddles. Not even if you wore a pair of boots originally designed to the US army. Honestly speaking, using them even for an hour is more exercise than going for a run of two in normal shoes (which, of course, is totally impossible in these weather conditions between Nov and Feb. At least if you don't wanna break all your bones, and I wouldn't recommend it, cause that famous free health care system of ours hasn't really earned it's fame when it comes to taking care of customers.) So, never buy boots with steel caps (if you don't have strong leg muscles, as they are heavy), never move to Finland if you can choose and if you can't, just hibernate over the winter. That's the only way to survive about this mess.

Yeah, that's all I've got to say today. And yeah, this is one of my grumpy days again. But don't you worry, this is the only thing I'm gonna rant about in here (today).

At least I look cool in them.


Riikka said...

All I want to say is that when it comes to the geography of Finland, we live fairly south and near the sea. If you go half way up the country or somewhere like Jyväskylä there is snow and not that much at all this slippery wet stuff going on this time of the year. I bet ever Tampere is way better.

Inari said...

Yeah, that sure is true. It still doesn't make me feel any better about this stupid day with stupid weather!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shoes.

Inari said...

Thank you! I myself especially love the laces.