Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Waiting for Christmas #1

Searching all those advent calendars when writing the previous post (did you know there are ones where you get a new Lego brick every morning?) got me inspired. I just don't wanna use calendars, I wanna make one. This isn't the first time this happens to me, and in the past I've made some as presents for my friends. But cause it's too late to do that now (a little plan for next year...), I'm gonna put up one in my blog. Yes, right here. One post per day, dedicated and tagged as a Christmas calendar door. So, have a peek every morning for the next 23 days. I don't know yet what you are gonna find, but I'm sure it's gonna be awesome.

This will be my contribution for celebrating Christmas this year, as moving from London back to Finland just a few days before the eve doesn't leave me that much time to get prepared. (And my boyfriend wants to eat spaghetti anyway, and I'm too tired of arguing about a proper Christmas dinner...)

And hey, If you like it, please show me your love.
If you don't, just try to live with it, cause I'm gonna do it anyway.

So, here we go. The first one:

It's never too early to start wishing for a white Christmas.

1 comment:

sophie said...

Hello Inari! I think this is a fantastic idea and will be sure to tune in and check out your celebratory posts.

ps I think you should DEFINITELY have a proper Christmas dinner.