Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday's Wish

I wish I had a cat.
But even more I wish
I were a cat.


PS. It's almost snowing here,
and it makes me happier.


Chloe said...

aww cute :) I miss my cats so much not that I've moved out of home :( hehe and thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments

Inari said...

My pleasure :)

Prefecta said...

Of course I read this! You've got some really cute stuff in your finnish blog, I believe I'll find a lot of inspiration there!

Besides, I LOOOOVE cats (don't have any, jus a hairy -and allergic- spouse)

Inari said...

I'm allergic too, and it really sucks. I just have to be my own cat then ;)

Thank you for your (so sweet) comment, and see you soon!

katrina and the king said...

my husband and I always talk about what it would like to be a cat...we sure do wish ours would come home. ;)

Inari said...

My boyfriend calls me his cat. At some point he just stopped using my name and started using different nicknames all related to cats. Sometimes cute, sometimes weird and sometimes annoying. But I sure can be catty sometimes and I know it ;)

I wish your cat will make a comeback!