Friday, February 12, 2010

Be your own darling!

I just found (via Lilla Kvinna Oola-Laa, thanks!) something encouraging, beautiful and awesome. No, it wasn't any material. It was a blog written by Gala Darling, an enjoyable read all in all. But what especially stunned me was her viewpoint to February, from now on called Radical Self-Love-month. I think some boost of self-respect and little adoring would do good for all of us. I'm definitely gonna try taking part in the movement and I'll dare you to do the same!

"As fun as it can be to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, go shopping or wear false eyelashes, life won’t really start to bloom until we’re comfortable with who we are. This is true every day, but becomes even poignant on Valentine’s Day, typically a celebration of someone else being in love with us.

So many of us are looking for someone else to fill a space, love & approve of us or take away our loneliness.

But whose love & approval is most important? Someone else’s? Or your own?


I say, it’s time to romance yourself. It’s time for the greatest love affair you will ever know. It’s time for a personal revolution. I say, you deserve to be your own darling! Get enchanted! Bewitch yourself! I say, if not now, when?

Let’s get busy adoring ourselves."

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